Preschool Thank You Gifts

I have been pinning on the infamous Pinterest boards since about a month after they launched.

I will never be that crafty as ‘those moms’ who complete fancy thank you gifts. I did find a cute one that I could complete without much difficulty.

Smart Cookie


I did make the cookies… and the tag. I hand wrote #1’s teacher’s names (there are 4?!?!?!) and #1 signed her name. I stapled these to a sandwhich baggie and called it a night.

You know what? Those teachers aren’t going to give #1 less smiley faces on the papers she completes because her mom didn’t print them on a cutesy template or cut out those circle on her Cricut personal cutting machine (I don’t need another appliance). They will however love that she signed her own name and helped make those cookies.

We as a whole need to put less pressure on ourselves. I love Pinterest for the ideas and inspiration, but hate it for the anxiety we put on ourselves to make the cutest bestest over the top anything. Ugh. Anyway, I’m sure that her teachers will love a little something to snack on this afternoon instead of the 30 extra gifts they will get tomorrow at graduation.

I would have gone the whole gift card route, but she has 4 teachers. 4! That $ racks up quickly. I didn’t want to give a bottle of wine since it’s held in a church. So cookie it is!



Vinegar: Effective and Frugal

Recently I’ve had the urge to purge about 50% of my belongings. I am so tired of laundry, piles of things, and general organizing. I work outside of our home full-time, am a part-time student, and like to entertain my kids once we are home and on weekends. I don’t like to clean (unless I’m mad- it’s cathartic) nor do I like to ingest nasty chemicals while cleaning. I’ve been trying to use more gentler and economical products for my home and I’ve found a few good uses for vinegar to fulfill both of my needs. Try some yourself and let me know how they worked!



20 uses for vinegar for your home;

1. Spritz white vinegar on mirrors and clean with tissue paper for a streak-free shine.

2. Use to polish silver and clean tarnished jewelry.

3. Make a scrubbing paste for sinks and counter tops by mixing baking soda with white vinegar.

4. Heat white vinegar, then pour 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda down the drain and follow with the heated vinegar…great for de-greasing and unclogging the drain!

5. Let 2 cups of vinegar sit in the toilet for a few hours before you clean the toilet; it will do most of the tough work for you. Plus, it disinfects at the same time.

6. Remove the smell from mildewed towels by adding 1/2 cup to the wash cycle.

7. Clean the windows – this is especially great after storms and nasty weather when the windows are dusty and dirty.

8. Grimy microwave? Loosen stuck-on food particles by boiling 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a microwave safe bowl.

9. Remove soapy buildup from the dishwasher by running it empty with vinegar in the detergent compartment.

10. Clean out the fridge and make the shelves sparkling clean again by wiping them down with a 50/50 mix of warm water and white vinegar.

11. Deodorize the garbage disposal by dumping some hot white vinegar down it.

12. Soak cloudy glassware in white vinegar for 20 minutes to remove mineral buildup.

13. Get rid of pesky fruit flies naturally! Set out a small dish of vinegar (red wine vinegar works great for this one).

14. Wipe down the inside of the oven, BBQ grill, or other greasy surface with distilled vinegar.

15. If your shower-head doesn’t seem to be spraying as well as it used to, fill a gallon size Ziploc bag partway with a mixture of 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar. Tie the bag around the shower nozzle and let it soak for about an hour.

download (2)

16. Wipe down the tub with undiluted white vinegar to remove grime, bacteria, and mildew. Rinse well with warm water.

17. If you have a Keurig or similar single-cup coffee maker, run 2 cups of white vinegar through it monthly to keep mineral deposits from forming and help your coffee machine run to its’ full potential.

18. Easily clean mini blinds by dipping the end of a cotton rag in vinegar and wiping the top and bottom of the blinds down.

19. If your plastic food storage containers are stained or smelly, simply wipe them out with a cloth soaked in vinegar.

20. A 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and table salt will make a paste that is perfect for cleaning tarnished brass or pewter.


Good luck and happy cleaning!




After a little blogging break, unintended I might add, I am finding what is important in my life. Most of my motivation is from our wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, but life in general has given me some eye opening events lately.

I am most thankful for my savior, Jesus Christ.

I am thankful for family that is caring and supportive.

I am thankful for girls that keep me young. They open my eyes to things I haven’t looked close enough at in years.

I am thankful for a loving spouse who tries his best to be my equal.

I am thankful for a job.

I am thankful for our dwelling.

I am thankful for many ‘mundane’ things that I have taken for granted for. A washing machine, a vehicle, a pet, numerous articles of clothing, being able to purchase both needs and wants, healthcare, insurance for my dwelling and vehicle. The list goes on and on, but in reality these little things are dreams to others.

Even clean water is something I take for granted on an everyday basis. I shower in clean water almost every day while people in remote areas of the world die from parasites and other chemicals that leach into their water supply. It’s heartbreaking to think about, but it happens all the time.

I am so thankful that God chose me to be born to my parents. I am humbled by his decision for my life.

May you all have a loving and safe Thanksgiving.

September Bulu Box Review

It’s been a few weeks since I received my first of 3 Bulu Boxes. I bought a groupon for 50% off of a 3 month subscription. Bulu Box offers both an exercise supplement and weight loss supplement version. The first month I chose weight loss to see what they had to offer.

For the month of September, I received four sample sized products;

-7 day supply of Shapeology BurnBlend

$9.33      I didn’t feel much of an effect from the added caffeine and other supplements to increase metabolism. I didn’t like the acid reflux symptoms I had while taking it. I would not buy this product in the future.

-1 serving of AminoX Watermelon made by BSN – Effervescent BCAA recovery drink

$0.80     have not taken this

-2 tablets of Vivarin – caffeine supplement

$0.70     do not have desire to take yet another caffeine supplement

-1 packet of Body Glove Surge Energy Gel in Chocolate

$1.50     Um… Eww. With a capital GAG. I could barely get by the smell. It has both green tea and honey wrapped up in a thick sticky chocolate flavor gel pack. The consistency is similar to hot fudge. I have not tried any other flavors and this sample makes me not want to buy any more. I am not trying to sound super negative, but this was not my favorite product.

Total ___$12.33____  I only paid $15 for 3 months. I paid $5 for this box. I plan on switching to their non weight loss box. Included in the box with the samples were 3 post card sized instructions and offers. One was the Bulu Box My Sample Journal. It asks you to record how I felt before I took the product and I felt while taking the product. I also received an offer for a “Big Squeeze” ($19.99 value) of Coromega Omega-3 Fish Oil if I bought $35 of product on the Bulu Box website. Lastly, is a card with “Supermarket Secrets”. This card includes information regarding the stickers on fruit. This information is easily accessible online.

This review is entirely of my own opinion. I purchased my 3 month subscription with my own money.  I know this isn’t the most glowing of reviews, but if you are interested click the link  and check it out.

TGI M? Again?

Today was not a good day.

I did, however, have a light bulb moment.

Every day is a Monday.

If you choose to see each day as a much anticipated event, like the 100 m hurdles, it doesn’t seem so upsetting when those obstacles are harder to get over than you think. You knew it might get a little funky or difficult. You adapt and press on. I realized as I regained my composure on my way back to work during my lunch break, that I need to plan each day like I have a job to do.

Gone are the days that I could sleep in and veg out all day because it was Saturday or Sunday. Owning two minions means weekends are a foreign word. I can’t resent other people because their days off are different than mine or their priorities are a complete 180 from my event horizon (yes I did just compare spending my “weekends” alone with my children as a black hole encounter.) I have to get up at my normal 6:00 am and enjoy the first 45 minutes alone, with out anyone awake or bothering me. No snooze button. Even on a Saturday.

Wish me good luck!

Why I deleted instagram

I wasn’t even a member for a year. It’s gone. I have no regrets. The idea was cute yet disturbing. Post photos of your life like an instant telegram/photograph.

No one needs to see everything you do. Really. They don’t. But that organic chai latte with a paleo gluten free blueberry ‘scone’ you took a photo of with some random ‘filter’ effect at starbucks ‘check in’ looks much better than my peanut butter toast I just ate in the truck on the way to work. We are obsessed with making other people feel jealous of what insignificant item/event we have going on.

Well Dana, why are you blogging then? I enjoy writing. I’m not a well known author, yet I know the difference between your/you’re. So I have a leg up on the competition. My area of the world is about nothing in particular. Just being a human trying to raise small humans, getting exercise, reading, and not destroying the world.

Our society/world is obsessed with reality shows, pinterest, facebook, starbucks… etc. I have quit facebook right before my birthday one year. It was nice not to have all the notifications that people were reminded by a website calendar to tell me happy birthday. Real people text, called, even sent me birthday cards. Was I demanding all of this? No. It was still nice though…. Man, I really jumped off the topic train and headed right into ADHDville.

Anyway, I let go of instagram because it was a time suck. It’s a little (lot) boring to me. And the point of it is to say something cute or snarky to add more followers. For what? World domination? Nah, I’ll save that for the Kardashians.